Saturday, April 20, 2013

Training, Grooming and the Vet...Oh My!

Can a day get anymore dramatic for a pup like me?  First...mommy and daddy took me to my 3rd training class this morning.  I have to admit, I am starting to warm up to some of my classmates.  One of my cool new friends is named Remo.  He is a Great Dane and I am pretty sure he will be a big dog like me...probably even bigger.
Remo and his daddy

I am really starting to break out of my shell as you can see in the picture below and I have the "sitting command" pretty much figured out.  I like to sit.  I like to simply sit and watch the other dogs going crazy.

Ok, so you get a sense that training is going well and it is not as stressful as it was to me on day one.  Next week is my final puppy class and, if all goes well, I will be receiving my "puppy good manners" certificate at the end of the class.

So, we leave class and head to a nice little park area where mommy and daddy let me out of the car for a bit to walk around, poop and pee.  The day was really looking pretty good.  We got back in the car and I assumed we were headed home, but my keen sense of direction told me we were on a path that did not lead back to my bed, food and toys.  A turn here and a corner there and the next thing I knew, we were right back somewhere that I had been about 3 weeks ago that had prompted me to use every defense mechanism in my arsenal (pee on daddy, drop a poop bomb near the door's entrance etc).  You can refer back to my "Dr McDreamy" post for full details.  

This time was not as bad it seemed.  I was in and out in about 20 mins.  They took me back and weighed me again and said I was a healthy 32.5lb OES.  Dr McDreamy put some more shots in me which I was not particularly fond of, but overall, not a bad visit.  I think mommy had a worse time than me because she got back in the car and told daddy that there was a mean old coot in the waiting room that commented on my name, and not necessarily in a positive way.  I think mommy wanted to trip the poopyhead on her way out of the office.  

Anywho...things were better so I thought.  I made it back home where daddy and I headed immediately upstairs and had some quiet nap time.  life was good once again.  But then the doorbell rang.  I jumped up excited as I usually do because that usually means food being delivered or someone has come over to see me and ooooh and awww over me which I love dearly now.

Two nice people walked in and introduced themselves.  They seemed rather harmless and very friendly.  But then daddy picked me up and put me into the arms of one them and they whisked me off to some big van looking thing.  Next thing I know I am sopping wet, they got their hands in my ears, in my mouth and I am pretty sure someone got to know me well in my nether region.  Then the furious drying and obsessive brushing and this is what they made me look like...what in the world??

Well...that is how my Saturday has gone which is NOTHING like I pictured it when I woke my mommy and daddy up at 6:30am this morning.  Maybe I will play possum on Saturdays for a while and see if these things can somehow be avoided.


  1. A day of pampering sounds pretty good to me! ;) You look super cute if it makes you feel any better. :) xo

  2. Hi guys. It's Remo's Mom, Mary Beth. Very cute blog. We started one for Remo. The address is if you want to check it out. We will definitely have to get them back together again. We will be in Montreal next week but we plan to continue the puppy play classes on Sundays. My email is if you ever want to arrange a date for Maude and Remo.

    1. Hey Mary Beth...thanks for following and for your info. We will for sure plan a play date. And we will follow Remo as well. :) I will send you an e-mail with our info

  3. It's good to be pampered... but I think you are right... they might have gone a little bit over the top! But you are as cute as can be.