My Birth Story

Mommy and daddy were starting to talk about getting a new OES for a while.  Their hearts had finally healed after the loss of their previous two OES's (Belvedere and Abigail).  So as they started looking (this is the story they tell me), they knew it might be a while before they found a great breeder that had a litter or was about to have a litter.  They had started researching breeders close to the State of Tennessee and was not coming up with too many options.  So they looked at the OES breed site and noticed a few and started sending e-mails to see if a litter was due anytime soon.

As luck would have it, they contacted a very sweet person by the name of Gail in Richmond VA.  You can find her on my "Breeder page."  She said that she had a litter born on Christmas Day. Yes, I am a special girl because I was born on Christmas Day (I am expecting LOTS of presents).  She had already placed all of the puppies except for and Brinkley.  My doggy mom is being retired and Gail wanted to possibly keep me or Brinkley to be the next mommy to some cute puppies like me. When my mommy and daddy talked to her, Gail said that it is a toss up, but she will let me be the one to go to a new home.  

So mommy and daddy had already thought they were going to need to take some time off to drive to VA, but it seems this was all meant to be.  Gail saw in their e-mail that mommy and daddy lived in TN.  Gail just so happened to have a trip planned to an area not far from their home in less than a week from their phone call with Gail. So mommy and daddy only had to drive 4 hours to come pick me up outside of Knoxville TN I am today.  A happy pup living in good ole Franklin TN.

This is me in their car on the way to my new home...


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  2. A Christmas Day Puppy!! What a cool present you were!! :)

    Big wags,

    Your pal Snoopy :)