Thursday, December 26, 2013

I am 1 Year Old!

Hello everyone.  I am so sorry that my daddy has not posted much in a long time.  His work has kept him very busy which we are all very thankful about.  His and mommy's jobs keep me enjoying great toys and treats and the occasional trip to see my favorite Vet, Dr McDreamy, as my Aunt Kelli calls him.

So much has gone on the past few months.  I got to play with a bunch of sheepy friends at an Old English Sheepdog round up.  I was sent to this nice man's place where he kept me and trained me while mommy and daddy were down visiting some mouse named Mickey.  I have had loads of fun walking the neighborhood and playing with lots of things.  Some of the things I have played with apparently were a no-no according to daddy.

Yesterday was so much fun. Mommy even got me a special treat and put a candle in it.  And TOYS...I got lots of toys.  Well...why don't I just show you some things I have been up to in this video that daddy put together for my birthday and Christmas present since I was born on Christmas day.  Hope you enjoy.