Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's My 6 Month BurfDay!

I know I know...it has been a long time since I (my daddy) has posted anything.  I think his day job has kept him kind of hopping because I see him doing a lot of talking on the phone and typing things and printing things etc.  I usually try to interrupt him by jamming toys up against him when he is on the phone with a client, but he attempts to ignore me.  His attempts are usually thwarted by my consistency though and he has to take a break and come play with me.  I am doing for his own good...too much work and no play makes him appear more gray. Heehee!

Anywho...today marks 6 months from the time I was brought into this good old world.  Mommy and daddy tell me that I am growing like a weed even though I know nothing about weeds so I am unclear of what they mean.  Nevertheless, I know I am growing a lot and growing fast because I feel the need to stretch all the time.  And sometimes I just feel the need to run as fast as I can through the house and make mommy and daddy chase me while they yelling "give me that, give me that" or "off, off, off" when I am using the couch for a springboard to new jumping heights.

So let's recap, through pictures, some of my journey over the past 6 months so you can see how much I have grown as well.  Let's start with the day mommy and daddy picked me up from my breeder.

Me and my breeder. :)

I was cute wasn't I??
That was me getting used to my new home. I took lots of naps which mommy and daddy tried to discourage because apparently they preferred me to sleep past 4am.  They are lazy! 

How about another one of my puppy shots?

My favorite sleep position

Now here I am getting a bit older and bigger with mommy at my first vet visit.  Remember that one?  Remember what I did on daddy's leg?

First puppy training class
And who can forget how terrified I was at my first puppy class.  Those young dogs were so unrefined. :)  I actually miss some of those classmates, especially Remo!

My first bath
Ok...so I don't bore you to tears...let's fast forward to how much bigger I have gotten.  I will just post a few picks and end this novel there and let you see how much I have changed.

Happy birthday to me!!