Saturday, May 4, 2013

"I Gwaduated"

Today was such a great day!  All of my hard work and listening to mommy and daddy paid off.  The trainer had mommy and daddy put me through some tests to see if I had learned what we had been practicing during our training sessions.  First she had me sit for a few seconds.  Then I had to lay down and stay down for a few seconds.  Then I had to sit and stay while mommy walked away from me for a few seconds and then the biggie...I had to follow mommy on her left side as we walked around in front of everybody else.  The trainer lady said I did great and look what she gave me...

And then the news got even better.  Mommy and daddy were given an autograph book at during my first training day.  I was supposed to meet as many people as I could between the first and last class and have them sign my book.  The doggie that got the most autographs won something on the last day.  Guess what??  I won!  The very nice trainer lady gave me a new toy as a prize (which I have already torn to shreds).

But maybe even a bigger story is how much more comfortable I am around my classmates.  Daddy put together this short video to show my progress.  

I have come a long way huh?  Well if I heard mommy and daddy correctly, I will be taking more training classes very soon so stay tuned for more updates on my behavioral progress.