Thursday, April 4, 2013

Meet Mommy and Daddy

I feel like I need to give a brief description of who my mommy and daddy are.

Most of you have already seen a picture of my daddy.  This is the picture of him that I posted a few days ago.  This is the "pre me peeing on his thigh" photo.

Had he known what was coming, he might have decided to not pick me up and put me in his lap.  But hindsight is 20/20.  Daddy works from home in a travel business (from what I have overheard) which means he gets to be with me most of the day.  I think he had a nice office set up upstairs in my new home, but my desire to lay on the cool hardwood floors has convinced him to move his office to the kitchen table.  He is a bit of complainer because I keep hearing him tell mommy that his butt hurts from sitting on the hard kitchen chairs all day.  He also tells me to "shoosh" when the phone rings, but little does he know that I don't have a clue what "shoosh" means.

But don't I look much happier down here than I would be laying around in his nice carpeted office?

Mommy is a sweetheart.  She was the one cuddling me and telling me it was all going to be ok once I entered the den of terror (i.e. the Vet's office).  This is her doing what she does me love and attention.

Mommy has a job outside the home and has to leave me for a long time.  It saddens me to see her leave everyday.  

But you should see me when she returns.  I let her know, without any doubt, how much I have missed her.  She lets me hang out with her in the mornings in the bathroom while she is getting ready for work.  I know she must be very smart.  She dresses fancy for her job compared to my daddy.  That is all I am going to say about that.

Well...that is them in a nutshell.  Daddy does most of the typing for me so far because naturally I do not know how to type.  Not yet anyways.  Mommy and Daddy are taking me to some sort of training class this weekend.  I am hoping it offers typing lessons.  Not sure what else will be included, but that may be what I post next.  So stay tuned...


  1. I am sure you will enjoy training. Dad was awfully nice to move his work area to a more comfy spot for you.

  2. You sure do look comfy laying on the cool floors!

  3. Is it just me, or is that giddy smile on mommy's face there b/c she is going to get to see Dr. Fly. *swoon* hehe The wood floor looks like it suits you well, you are lucky to have a daddy that can be home with you, and I bet it's hard for mommy to leave every day seeing that face at the door. Too sweet!

  4. Hey Maude,

    It's great to meet your Mum and Dad - you've got your Dad well trained to be your typist in such a short time - so long as he doesn't start editing what you want to say, it might be worth sticking with him, free you up for some mischief!! :)

    I hope you're having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy :)